Lacson braces for election campaign ‘dog fight’

Updated at 12:20 am

WITH rising Covid-19 cases expected to prevent traditional face-to-face campaigning, presidential candidate Sen. Panfilo Lacson is bracing for a “dog fight” through traditional and social media in reaching out to the electorate.

In a radio interview Friday, Lacson said that since candidates could not physically campaign owing to the pandemic, the real battle to win over voters will be happening via the airwaves and the internet.

The Partido Reporma chairman and standard bearer said he would rather rely on the power of volunteers — personal friends and supporters “through thick and thin” — to spread the word about his and the party’s reform agenda than internet “trolls,” who are opportunistic and turn to the highest bidder, especially during election season.

“‘Pag sinabing air fight, dog fight ay [sa] ere na muna maglabanan, pagalingan na lang sa… Tulad ‘nung sa social media, ‘yung different platforms, ganoon ang galawan ngayon (When you say air fight, dog fight, you’ll fight first in the air, trying to outmaneuver each other… Like on social media, the different platforms, that’s how we’re moving now),” said Lacson, who is emerging from a self-imposed Covid-19 isolation after testing positive last week.

“Dahil parang virtually merong umiiral na self-imposed na unilateral cessation of activities, sabihin na natin, sa ground operation. So, wala na munang infantry large-scale operations; puro guerrilla na lang ngayon, ‘yung mga supporter namin sa ground (Because virtually there’s a prevailing, self-imposed unilateral cessation of activities, let’s say in ground operations, so there won’t be any large-scale infantry operations; we’re all doing guerrilla [warfare], through our supporters on the ground),” he continued.

Campaign rallies would only turn into a Covid superspreader events, something that Partido Reporma has consciously avoided, Lacson said.

“So, talagang nag-shift ‘yung labanan muna — from ground operations to air operations. Parang piloto sa piloto, ika nga (So, the battle has really shifted for now, from ground operations to air operations. Pilot against pilot, so to speak),” he said.