Group slams ‘No vax, no scholarship’ policy

THE Kabataan party-list has accused the national government of restricting the right of students to have access to education in the midst of the pandemic.

Citing one example, the Saint Clare College in Caloocan City is requiring students to show their vaccination cards before they are accepted for the Tertiary Education Subsidy (TES) funds.

Raoul Manuel, national president of Kabataan party-list, said, “This is already the effect of the government’s repressive and discriminatory vaccination restrictions. RA 11525 states that vaccination must not coincide with education, employment, or other services. But he (President Rodrigo Duterte) took it for granted and instead enacted policies of ‘no vax, no this, no that’.”

Section 12 of Republic Act 11525 states that vaccine cards shall not be considered as an additional mandatory requirement for educational, employment and other similar government transaction purposes.

“Many people are already sick, have no financial aid and are now unable to obtain a scholarship. This initiative taken by President Duterte is anti-poor and anti-student,” Manuel said.

“We appeal to the school administration not to be like the Duterte administration, making people’s lives difficult when all they want to do is to study or to work,” Manuel added.